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Photos for new painting at Arabian Packaging Company

New painting at Arabian Packaging showing walkways and working areas

Arabian Packaging utilizes new painting and clear floor marking for walkways and working areas to keep employees safe, direct them around a jobsite and alert them to important information.

Here at Arabian Packaging, the general idea is that employee should be able to walk into a certain workplace and identify the working areas safely and swiftly. The fastest and effective way to achieve this goal is by marking off pathways and working areas as well as implementing the floor marking guide.

To standardize floor markings and enhance the workflow efficiency, Arabian Packaging utilizes the International floor marking color guidelines. This color scheme complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard and can be used to visually separate processes, working areas and pathways. In addition, it helps create order and pattern of work in Arabian Packaging’s busy plant floor.

Marking walkways and exit paths throughout Arabian Packaging facility helps to emphasize the safest path to walk through. This also helps to keep pedestrians and forklifts safe and provide quick guidance in an emergency.

The benefit of implementing floor marking guide other than the ones stated above is the increased safety across the whole facility. Green floor marking as an example, areas marked by it means safe path, whereas areas marked by red means that the location is particularly dangerous and off-limits to unauthorized personnel lacking the knowledge in machinery.

With the utilization of new floor marking across the manufacturing plant, Arabian Packaging reconfirmed its commitment to improving the lives of its employees, through several engaging initiatives that encourage them to adopt healthy work environment.

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