Compliance Declaration

The well established and widely acknowledged environmental benefits of Corrugated Packaging can be further supported by the use of FSC certified material in the production of your requirements.  The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures that the harvestings of wood conforms to strict controls.  This far reaching Standard can also apply to the production and use of virgin fibre and recycled papers.  We have in place procedures that enable us to offer Chain of Custody (CoC) confirmation to our customers who instruct us of their requirements.  The supporting documentation relevant to each delivery of those items enables them to readily demonstrate compliance helping to meet the objectives of their own and possibly their customers’ Environmental Policies.

Our processes and procedures are constantly audited against the ISO 9001 standard for compliance to ensure we meet our customers supply demands.

Our onsite Quality Assurance facility is the most technologically up to date facility in the industry focusing on performance packaging.