What is Corrugated ?

Corrugated board is made from a combination of two sheets of paper — called liners — glued to a corrugated inner medium called fluting. These three layers of paper are assembled and give the overall structure a better strength than that of each distinct layer.

This construction forms a series of connected flutes or arches, which gives its inherent strength. This structure gives corrugated board considerable rigidity and resistance. The air circulating in the flutes also serves as an insulator, which provides excellent protection against temperature variations. The primary use of corrugated board is to make packaging that protects the goods inside.

There are many types of corrugated, each with different flute sizes and profiles which offer many combinations designed to create packaging with different characteristics and performances.

Corrugated board can then be cut and folded into an infinite variety of shape and sizes to become corrugated packaging. Corrugated is a high performance packaging material designed to pack, protect and promote products.